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With our mission for both modern design and high optical quality, FLIPlight hopes to bring the most unique sensation of lights to every space using simplistic, yet practical style of design and delicate craftsmanship. Illumining the space with our products to create different warmth and moods.
Through vigorous creativity, FLIPlight hopes to combine all sorts of possibilities in creating different lighting environment for your homes, business, and outdoor spaces. Our customer could enjoy the bright happiness of different spaces.


The new contemporary lighting designs are unaffordable and unavailable to most people. With this thought in mind, we began the search for unique contemporary lightings with reasonable price to purchase, and based on this vision, FLIPLight was established. FLIPlight has a keen understanding of the need for energy-efficient lighting, surpassing the mission of combining cutting-edge technology with current contemporary design. Looking toward to the future, we aim to maintain a smooth, dynamic and open attitude, and most importantly, be true to our customers, and continue to drive our current success.